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Essential things to look for when viewing a home

1. Look for signs of neglect - Is there rust on the HVAC or large appliances?

  • Check the furnace, ac unit, and water heater

2. Is the home dirty?

  • If the home is a mess it may indicate there lack of care for the home over the yea


3. Are there many homes for sale on the street?

  • If yes, look to see if its a location issue or economic challenges

4. Are the roof shingles well maintained?

  • Are the shingles missing, curled or covered in moss?

5. Is the temperature the same in every room with the heat on?

  • Are there hollow core doors? - if sellers are not using high grade materials you may need to replace later down the road.

6. Does the electric panel need an upgrade?

  • Outdated electric panels can cause fires

7. Are door frames tilted?

  • If door frames are tilted it could indicate a problem with the homes foundation

8. What's under the carpet?

  • If it's hardwood it can add value. If it's plywood make sure it's in good condition to avoid repairs in the future

9. Is there soft wood around the window sills?

  • If you see cracking wood or paint it can indicate rot, which can effect the strength of the window.

10. Does the house smell musty?

  • This could indicate mold.

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