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Clean Your Air Vents & Registers

With windows open in the summer dirt and grime tend to get in homes. Everyone is enjoying summer weather and running in and outside. Dirt gets in to vent covers and ducts become a breeding ground for all types of dust mites. Because of heat blowing during cool months this will cause the dirt and grime to blow throughout your home. We suggest cleaning your vent / register covers and duct areas at least once per year.

Here are some simple steps:

1. Remove the register (cleaning tips for this below)

2. While cleaning out the vents, collect all the registers and put them in your tub, sink, large bucket with hot water and dish soap and let soak for an hour

3. Vacuum out loose debris, sticking the hose down the vents as far as you can to catch any remaining debris

4. Use an old toothbrush and hot, soapy water to “scrub” the inside as far as you can reach down the vent, but most of the caked-on debris will pile up where there is a “neck” in the system, which is generally when the vent to the room and the vents throughout the house connect. That connection point tends to gather yucky dust, debris, and gunk. This bend is where most of the scrubbing takes place

5. Wipe out the loosened debris with the rag and soapy water

6. Spray inside the vent with hydrogen peroxide

The second part is cleaning the registers.

1. Replace any registers that are bent, paint chipped, etc. These can be found relatively cheap at the hardware store

2. Once the registers are done soaking, rinse with clean water, dry them off and place them back over the vents.

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