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Cleaning Your Refrigerator Tips

Reduce the risk of food poisoning by keeping your refrigerator clean and hygienic.

If your fridge has removable shelves and drawers, these can be tackled first. Unless heavily stained with food residue, they need nothing more than a good long soak in a basin of warm water and dishwashing soap. For stubborn stains, consider using a dedicated cleaner designed for the refrigerator, a food-friendly antibacterial cleaner, or even a natural, homemade solution.

You can buy products designed specifically for the refrigerator from most local stores. They often come is spray bottles for ease of use and are food-friendly – meaning that although you shouldn’t spray these solutions directly onto food, it is generally safe for food to be replaced into the fridge once it’s been cleaned with these products. Alternatively, use a good, all-purpose kitchen cleaner that is food friendly. Some people prefer to take a more natural approach to cleaning the fridge. Refrigerator interiors can be tackled with a paste formed from baking soda and warm water; or with a white, distilled vinegar and warm water solution. Adding a box of baking soda to the fridge will absorb any strong food smells.

A cleaning schedule will ensure that the refrigerator and its contents are kept clean and healthy. It doesn’t need to be too in-depth; it just needs to contain reminders that keep you up to speed. Here are some good ideas:


While you’re in the kitchen cooking dinner, take just a few minutes to check the fridge for any spills. The quicker you clean up a spill, the easier it should be to remove. And use an antibacterial wipe or spray on the door handle. The handle is one of the most germ containing places in the kitchen.


Before doing your weekly grocery shopping, go through your refrigerator. Throw away any items past its use-by-date. If there are items in your refrigerator that you know you won’t use, give it to a neighbor to avoid waste.


Deep clean. For some households waiting longer to do a deep clean works. It just depends on if you do or how often you do daily and weekly maintenance. When deep cleaning take everything out of the refrigerator, including the shelves and drawers then give it a thorough scrub and wipe.

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