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How to prepare for your home inspection!!!

Having a home inspection is an essential part of the home buying process. House buying is complicated, and once your offer is accepted then it’s time to schedule an inspection with an experienced home inspector. If you’ve already scheduled your inspection with All American Inspections, LLC, then we can’t wait to get started!

There are a few things to consider as a buyer that might help you get the most out of your home inspection.

#1 – Tell us about any questions or concerns you have about the home

Let us know before the inspection if you have any specific questions or concerns about your new home. We’ll answer your questions and pay special attention to any questionable systems or parts of the house.

#2 – Expect the house to be less than perfect

Many home buyers (especially first-time buyers) are very nervous about their big purchase and dread the end of the home inspection. It’s natural to want things to go smoothly, but it’s just not reasonable to expect that a home inspection finds zero problems with a house. Every home inspection that we’ve conducted has turned up problems, but most of them didn’t find big and expensive repair items.

Going into the inspection with the mindset that problems will be found can help you focus your thoughts and be mentally prepared to react.

#3 – Make sure that attics and garages are accessible

Attic inspections are important to being able to assess the condition of the roof. Many times, attic entrances are hidden away in closets that are full of clothes, or are hidden in bathroom closets that are full of junk.

If you’re working with a real estate agent, then we’ll contact them and arrange for access to the attic. If you’re working directly with the seller, then ask them to make sure that all attic spaces can be accessed.

#4 – Ask the seller about the age of the roof

It’s difficult to determine the exact age of a roof during a home inspection. We do our best to inform you of the overall condition of the shingles or other roof covering, but since roof replacements are expensive repair items, it’s always helpful for buyers to know when the last one occurred.

#5 – Strategize with your agent about how to handle findings from the inspection

At the conclusion of the buyer’s home inspection, we’ll make sure that you understand what potential major repairs are needed. We’ll also discuss the more moderate issues, such as an older furnace or water heater.

Depending on the willingness of the seller to negotiate, you may be able to obtain credits from the seller or have them make repairs. Having a battle plan for how to deal with any issues prior to the inspection can make.

#6 – Get ready to receive the report

You’ll receive your home inspection report no later than the day following the inspection, but typically you’ll get it on the same day.

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