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Tips for when you first move in your new home.....

1. Change the locks

2. Check the smoke detectors (again)

3. Check the temperature on the thermostats

4. Check carbon monoxide detectors

5. Locate your main water shut-off valve

Make sure you can turn it off. The shut-off valve should be on the outside of the house on the side that faces the street.

Depending on the age of your house, there might not be a shut-off valve at the house. You may need to find your water meter and shut it off there. If you’re unable to locate a valve entering your house, your meter should be at the curb at the end of your property line. You’ll have to remove the cover (you may need a screwdriver, or a meter key.

6. Find your circuit breaker box.

Familiarize yourself with what breaker shuts off what inside your house and label all the breakers if they are not already labeled.

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